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Rotary egg tray machine

Pulp molding products with plant fiber pulp can be used entirely recycled or waste paper as raw material, the use of a unique technology is widely used in food made in full bloom, electrical packaging, agricultural, medical utensils, handicrafts and Protective Packaging fragile areas such as clean-tech green product.
  I produced pulp molding production lines, from pulping system, molding system, drying system, packaging system composed of four parts, the type of which there is a drum machine, flip, reciprocating and so on. Equipment with energy-saving, high degree of automation, simple operation, less labor and so on. The same machine by replacing the mold, can produce different specifications of the paper tray products and easy operation workers.

Process Overview
1、The raw materials——Paper (or puree cardboard) use hydrapulper after crushing into pulp fibers, to products with special features (such as waterproof, moisture-proof, anti-static, etc.), slurry storage tanks in a small amount of functional additives, and add water, the concentration of slurry storage tanks after the slurry is adjusted to the required shape by vacuum suction, the slurry in a special wet molding blanks, blanks and then after forming good wet dry, hot plastic is finished.
2、Production Process:Raw material (paper)→Hydrapulper→Whey reservoir→Mashing system→Midge molding→Dehydration→Thermoforming→Bale→End product。
3、Raw materials:Production of paper pulp molding products, mainly raw material waste paper, cardboard paper and paper mill waste corners, carton plant, printing plant. The rich resources of raw materials, low cost, and is the recycling of waste.
  No waste water and exhaust gas are discharged in the production process, the water for the production process is recycled and will not pollute the environment, and the expense for water can be saved.
4、 The same equipment can utilize all kinds of waste paper to produce various paper tray products such as egg trays, egg boxes, bottle holders, fruit trays, and inner packing of electronic products. It has multiple purposes, and can meet different market demands.
Pulping process:The use of hydraulic action material (waste paper or pulp) crushing fibroblast suspended in water, and then adding the necessary additives, water according to process requirements, to form a slurry in line with the requirements of the molding.
  Zmz20/The Zmz20/24 type egg tray molding machine has 8 molding plate rotation structures each of which has 3 forming molds. 24 forming molds and 3 transfer molds are arranged on one molding machine. An automatic cleaning machine is equipped on the equipment, and can automatically clean the molds in the production process.
  If it is used for producing fruit trays, 2 forming molds are arranged on each molding plate rotation structure. 16 forming molds and 2 transfer molds are available.

Drying process
  Pulp products after pulping, after forming, generally contain higher moisture needed to remove dried product moisture.
  Drying production line use of fuel (gas), electric or steam molded pulp products (HTF) as a heat source, heating the air, the molded after drying in hot air (180 ~ 220 ℃), the use of the fan out of the product evaporates water, to achieve rapid drying effect.
  The company design and manufacture of direct-fired fuel (gas) drying production line for the first time to break the habit of foreign partition burning design, with central heating mode, the drying temperature stability, reasonable, high thermal efficiency, high degree of automation integration; in energy consumption, production and other aspects are superior than other similar devices, access to national patents. Drying line electronic control system with centralized control, start the production line, stop, speed, check before the cabinet can achieve. While the dashboard display cabinet temperature real-time voltage, current, each workspace can cycle through display
  Drying lines, there are single-line and multi-line drying drying; drying line single large area, workshop length can not be less than 45 meters; multi-drying lines, small footprint, workshop length & le; 30 m, height workshop & ge; 4.5 meters due to small size, can effectively save energy inside drying line.
  Customers can choose according to their plant size and energy situation。
Shaping Technology
  Egg care products after forming, after drying, the basic shape, egg tray can be finished after finishing or packaging and storage of artificial storage;
 Egg cartons and production process of industrial packaging products requires a multi-shaping process after drying with hot plastic machine plastic products, so neat and beautiful appearance products, achieve better tenacity, has better shock resistance . Shaping process generally electric (or HTF) is heated hot plate, the metal mold has a higher temperature (180 ~ 250 ℃), the use of pneumatic or hydraulic pressure, pressing pulp products, to setting effect.
  After surgery, some products also need to be labeled or printed surface patterns, text, etc.
  Customers can choose according to their specific circumstances。