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Rapid Delivery for Plastic Packaging Mesh Machine - Thickening machine – JINMENG

The thickening machine is EPE foam sheet (film) products processing equipment, mainly used in EPE foam sheet (film), thickening adhesive through thickening of foamed sheet (film) can improve the intensity, increasing the thickness, widely used in electronic product packaging, architecture, sound insulation, heat preservation intercalation, etc.
Model Unit JMZH-1200 JMZH-1500 JMZH-1800
Width Mm 1200 1500 1800
Heating mode   Electrical heating
Driving power Kw 1.5 2.2 3
Mounted Kw 12 18 22
Overall size mm 3650×1580×2000 3650×1820×2000 3650×2120×2000