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OEM/ODM Factory Waste Paper Egg Tray Making Machinery - Laminating machine – JINMENG

The laminating machine is EPE foam sheet (film) products deep processing equipment, mainly is suitable for the EPE foam sheet (film) layer cladding, combined with one with HDPE membrane, plating zan, plastic coated paper lead membrane, plastic coated cloth, etc.

Through laminating of foamed sheet (film) can improve the intensity, moistureproof, waterproof. Good surface finish, can be printed words, pictures, grades, and greatly improved, widely used in bag lined with jackets, wood, gasket, automobile, motorcycle, bask in a cushion shading precision instruments, household appliances, etc. Various products of high-grade porcelain.

Model Unit JMZH-1200 JMZH-1500 JMZH-1800
Width Mm 1200 1500 1800
Heating mode          Electrical heating
Driving power Kw 1.5 2.2 3
Mounted Kw 10 15 20
Overall size mm 4500×1800×1800 4500×2200×2000 5000×2400×2200